Our tasty drinks range has won multiple awards thanks to our nutritious formulations designed to fit your children’s busy schedule. You can be sure that they have a healthier treat as we never add sugar, artificial colours, nor artificial flavours!  

Our drinks’ delicious taste comes from sweetness from nature as we use the best fruits and stevia extracts. We have also packed them in convenient formats, easy to add to their lunchboxes or to consume on-the-go!   

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Our lovely food range is a great addition to your children daily routine as it is appealing to your little ones’ delicate taste buds. We have created a range that provides a great source of fibre as we know the importance of having plenty of energy throughout the day, especially at school. We also respect the planet as we are reducing the need for palm oil, therefore preserving rainforests and their animals! 

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We only use traceable, safe and sustainable milk for our wholesome dairy range. High in calcium and protein, and a natural source of vitamin B12, every drop provides the vital goodness children need for strong teeth and bones.  

The cartons can be easily consumed while out and about, and they can be put into your little ones’ lunchboxes for a convenient and flavourful snack to have every day!  

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